Why Oxide Architecture?

Why Oxide ArchitectureWe chose Oxide as our name because we believe it evokes the core of our approach to architecture. It implies oxidation, bringing together oxygen – our basic human need – with raw materials to create something that is beautiful with a true, honest expression of form. Oxide is where man meets nature, where each affects, modifies, and (over time) changes the other. To us, that is the true beauty of modern, sustainable architecture.

Oxide connects the traditional processes of architectural design and construction. In the beginning of each project, we start with the inspiration of the client who breathes life into – or animates – the form and experience of the space we are creating. From this breath of inspiration comes the careful placement of concrete and metal, wood and glass.

And once built, each place we construct continues an aging process unique to the environment to which it now plays a part. Our forms and materials record the inevitable forces that shape, weather, and warp them. From simple water, sunlight, and oxygen, comes subtle, time-expressive beauty.

Oxide is therefore both about the breath of inspiration that makes for noteworthy architecture as well what the architecture reveals about the surrounding environment that will continue to shape the space over time.

Oxide is our opportunity to explore, with new and old friends, an architecture that is significant, sensuous, sustainable, and modern.

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