A Sensual Modern House

Oxide believes that A Sensual Modern House is one that is significant, sensuous, sustainable, and modern.

Stewart Condo - Living Room

Sacred Domestic Space

A sensual modern home tells a story about the people who live inside. When a home reflects the true nature of its occupants, it becomes imbued with meaning. A sensual modern home is designed with a concisely worded concept to communicate ideas at the highest level of clarity. Subtle design features –  the way light […]

Richardson Residence

Architectural Hieroglyphs

Floor plans at their essence are hieroglyphs – a few blunt strokes that appear cut or carved from raw slabs of clay or stone. As plan (or parti) takes on mass, the resulting solids and voids; sculpt light and shadow, foster movement and enclosure, and guide proportion and detail. The hieroglyph reflects and inspires the […]