Significant, Sensuous, & Modern Architecture Projects

The idea behind Oxide as our company name is two part, book-ending traditional processes of architectural design and construction.

In the beginning, each place we design starts with the inspiration of a client, who, with their architect, “breathes into” the work – to use the Latin – ideas that animate the form and the experience of the space to be created. From oxygen comes the careful placement of concrete and metal, wood and glass.

Once each project is built, each place we construct begins – or more accurately, continues – an aging process unique to the environment of which it is part. Thoughtfully placed form and materials record the inevitable forces that shape, weather, and warp them. From water, sunlight, and oxygen comes a subtle, time-expressive beauty.

Thus, Oxide projects represents both inspirations, the breath, brought to noteworthy buildings as well as how resulting works reveal those environments that continue to shape them. Oxide Architecture is our opportunity to, with new and old friends, explore an architecture that is significant, sensuous, and modern.

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