All Projects List

The following projects list represents work by Charles Fulbright Holden, Architect-Builder in collaboration with many other talented individuals over the past 20 years. Prior to founding Oxide Architecture, Charles was co-founder and Raleigh Architect of Tonic Design (2002-2006), which followed a decade working with Frank Harmon, Architect (1994-2003).

Oxide Architecture and Oxide Structure: 2006 – Present

x1504 Heaton Residence
x1501 McDoyle Residence

x1406 Seymore Haynes Residence
x1405 Westmoreland Residence
x1404 Swink Offices
x1403 Bender Residence
x1402 Clove Nicewicz Residence
x1401 Adams Apartments
x1302 Cornel Chick Residence
x1301 Goodman Residence
x1206 Chin Residence
x1205 Ippolito Jacobstein Residence
x1204 Bullington Workshop and Carport
x1203 Sheikh Stewart Residence
x1202 Engler Nix Residence
x1201 Smith Residence
x1105 Rumley Evans Residence
x1104 Hill Hayden Residence
x1103 Richardson Residence
x1102 Cooper Residence
x1101 Elk Mountain Retreat
x1005 Roberts Residence
x1004 Small Residence
x1003 Schneider Residence
x1002 Rogers Watson Residence
x1001 Robineau Beskind Bath
x0907 White Oaks Pavilion
x0906 White Oaks Residence
x0905 Grouse Circle Lake House
x0904 Arseneault Residence
x0903 Goodman Studio
x0902 Spize Restaurant
x0901 Blount Street 15yr Duplexes
x0803 Schwetz Burton Residence
x0802 James Residence
x0801 Esse Quam Vederi
x0711 Goldstein Rosen Residence
x0710 Turney Killam Residence
x0709 Riedeman Residence
x0708 Hessini Arandel Residence
x0707 Barefoot Press
x0706 Seay Residence
x0705 Leszczynski Residence
x0704 Bradshaw Newton Residence
x0703 Booth Tyer Residence
x0702 Stewart Condo
x0701 Maynard Residence
x0622 Cardinal Transit
x0621 Fivehouse Residence
x0620 City House
x0619 Snyder Huckins Residence
x0618 Law Carport & Walk-in Closet
x0617 Modern Raleigh
x0616 Code Green
x0615 Dreamview Portal
x0614 Dragon Court, Ascalon
x0613 Minerva Project
x0612 Ebenezer Chapel
x0611 Dexter Place
x0610 College Street Workshop
x0609 Boone’s Neck Retreat
x0608 Anderson Holden Residence
x0607 Little Iversen Residence
x0606 Curtis Jones Residence
x0605 Galax Development
x0604 Ellington Beach Houses
x0603 Carolina Center for Integrated Medicine
x0602 Pittmon Mattox Residence
x0601 The Rockford Restaurant

Dexter Place - Planter

The Tonic Years, Tonic Design, Tonic Construction: 2002 – 2006

t0509  Cardinal Garage
t0505  Ashe House
t0408  Collins Residence
t0405  Boone’s Neck Pier
t0402  Goodmon Cottage
t0401  Pranzo Restaurant
t0316  DA Sharpe Residence
t0308  Ellington Beach Houses
t0304  Pittman Mattox Residence
t0303  Phelphrey Dew Residence
t0302  McCowan Residence
t0301  Chiles Residence

Boone's Neck Pier - Decking
The Frank Harmon Years, Frank Harmon, Architect: 1994 – 2003

f0303  Corley-Megel Residence
f0302  Strickland Residence
f0213  McCowan Beach House
f0207  Galecke Renovation
f0205  Maurer Beach House
f0112  Joe Harmon Residence
f0110  Hoivik Residence
f0109  Roanoke Canal Museum
f0106  Glenwood Towers 2001
f0105  Turner Residence
f0102  Bullington Residence
f0101  Huber Residence
f0011  Plymouth Lighthouse
f0005  NC Botanical Garden @ CH
f0004  NCFB Renovation 2000
f9916  Camp Oak Hill, Cabins
f9913  Glenwood Towers Apartments
f9906  Penland Maintainence Shed
f9902  NCFB Shed
f9901  Penland Iron Studio
f9817  Willms Residence
f9812  Durham Friends School
f9803  Shemin Nursury
f9720  Bender · Lopez Residence
f9711  Spano·Walters Residence
f9613  St. Matthew’s Parish House
f9517  Partnership for the Sounds · Columbia Theater
f9506  Gilbert Renovation
f9505  Farm Bureau Three · Plaza Enclosure
f9407  Partnership for the Sounds Estuarium
f9303  Camp Oak Hill Fellowship Center

Farm Bureau Crossing