Cornel Chick Residence

©2016 Raymond Goodman, photographer

Approachable Modern Home

“Our home is inviting and open. The kitchen is a gathering place when friends are over but is not crowded. People can be in the living room or eating while still interacting with those in the kitchen. The master bedroom has lots of windows and has a view of the pool in the back yard. Visually the house is unique and not out of place in the neighborhood. We can sit on the front porch and interact with neighbors.” >Brian

“When I approach the house, I know I am home. The house is inviting me in. I walk through the front door and immediately feel relaxed and comfortable and that I am somewhere I can be myself.  The public spaces are related and it’s easy to move from space to space and outside. There are also places I can retreat to for solitude. The house is well planned and organized. Things have a logical place and the house works efficiently.” >Sarah

“From the outside it has metal walls and polished wood walls, with a huge wall of windows that overlook the pool. The entryway has a glass light fixture. The entryway is connected to the living room, which is open to the kitchen and dining area. There is maybe an elevator.  The second story has a window, which overlooks the main living area. My room has a large closet, and the counter in the bathroom is very large, with shelves near outlets.” >Robin

“A modern light house with a pool.” >Andrea