5 Design-Build Methodology

Oxide Architecture and Oxide Structure use design-build methodology on most projects to unify client inspiration, architectural solution, and building practices into a tightly integrated process.

What is Design-Build?

Design-build is a means of construction that allows the architect to be both designer and builder. It is a reinvention of the historical role of “Master Builder” and integrates design and construction into one comprehensive  discipline.

Design-build is an alternative to the common design-bid-build process, where, by design, there is less interaction between owner, architect, and contractor.

The Advantages of Design-Build

Simple Accountability The design-build method promotes a collaborative relationship between homeowner and architect-builder, streamlining responsibility and processes for improved project delivery.

Budget Management Deliberations about cost occur early in the design process to help maximize the value of the design and your budget. Continued discussions about the cost implications of design features help integrate your specific needs into the final  construction.

Enhanced Communication The architect-builder work directly with key sub- contractors and suppliers during the design phase to minimize costly changes during construction. Accurate, trade-specific construction drawings reduce change orders and allow contingencies to be used for improving, not just maintaining, the progress and quality of your  project.

Faster Project Completion The design-build method enables the architect to begin planning for construction while in the process of designing your home. This minimizes the traditional time gap between final design and the beginning of construction, as well as allowing for greater schedule refinement.

Higher Quality/Quality Control Design-build methodologies allow early integration of local craftsmen knowledge and abilities into the design concept and details. Similarly, construction methods and scheduling may be integrated into the construction documents. Most importantly, the architect-builder may adjust design and construction, as needed, to nourish the vision and intent of your project.