4 Working with an Architect

We are committed to making meaningful places that express the spirit of our clients and their site. After interviewing with you and learning more about your particular hopes and dreams, we will propose a process tailored to the specifics of your project. Until then, the following architectural phases outline how we might work together.

Preliminary Design is when we help you define, as concisely as practical, your intent. This includes an analysis of your site, budget, and program. This phase, at minimum, describes the physical parameters of your project. This phase, at its best, also describes the fundamental poetry, or DNA, for the work to follow. Pre- design documents provide you with a baseline for evaluating subsequent phases of design, construction, and occupancy for your project.

We offer a stand-alone, pre-design process to help clients generate a workable program, budget, and architectural solution. This may be incorporated into a more focused contract for the remaining architectural phases.

Schematic Design is when we produce and help you evaluate ideas for your project. Sketches, models, and drawings are used to explore and describe proposed solutions. An iterative process, designs are balanced against your budget, intent, and review until we are able to understand and describe the general character of your project.

Design Development is when we identify the scope of individual project items. We define construction type and structural systems; outline plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems; and classify the finishes, fixtures, and other materials to be used. In this and other phases, we utilize contractor and vendor estimates and suggest alternatives to help you evaluate the impact of individual design decisions on the total quality and cost of your project.

Construction Documentation is when we detail your approved design into comprehensive drawings, schedules, and specifications. Numerous documents – architectural sheets and letter size pages – translate general design intent into trade-specific scope for craftsmen and suppliers to construct into your built project.

Construction Administration is when we, as architect, visit the site to observe the progress and quality of the work. This allows us to clarify design details for the builder and offer solutions for unforeseen challenges and possibilities related  to your project. If we design-build your project, these services will be  incorporated into the construction  contract.