3 Architect-Built Home Cost

The Cost of an Architect-Built Home

Early in the architectural process, Oxide transitions from rough estimates, based on area alone, to better estimates based on more trade-specific scope. Well before construction begins, these estimates will provide you with the information that you need to make key decisions determining your home’s value and cost. The following charts, based on past Oxide projects, provide preliminary insight regarding how size x quality = cost.  When evaluating other published data, please remember to compare homes of similar quality and note hidden costs.

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Cost of a Design-builder

[a] $280/sf

Architect-Builder Process
Significant, Thoughtful Design with Custom Spaces
Healthy, Sustainable Practices
High Quality Natural Light and Materials
Large Glass Openings
Outdoor Living Spaces

[b] $380/sf

More Integrated and Unique Fixtures
More Steel, Wood, and Casework
Pool and Garden Walls/Spaces
More Unique Roof/Wall Forms
Greater Perimeter to Area Ratio

Sample Cost Breakdown Per Sq. Ft. for a New Home

The cost difference between a $280/sf home and a $380/sf home is largely reflected in more numerous and upgraded fixtures, finishes, and built-in cabinets.