2 Architect-Built Home Value

Listening to Your Needs and Dreams – Our thorough interview process and questionnaire help us to understand your lifestyle, needs and dreams, and incorporate them into exciting and poetic designs for your new home. As experienced architects, we strive to inspire you to consider ideas about your home that you may not have thought of before.

I need a space that is open, that holds my massive library, and which makes anyone who enters feel comfortable in a tuxedo or short pants and a tee.”

Guiding You Through the Homebuilding Process – We help you navigate the complexities of designing and building your new home and work on your behalf to minimize your stress during what can be an overwhelming and time-consuming process.

“Had we known the challenges, we might not have built, but in hindsight, we cannot imagine not making our dreams concrete.”

Building a Spatially-Efficient, Dynamic Home – We design thoughtful, open living spaces using clear geometries to create rooms with overlapping functions while minimizing wasted space and costs. We help you prioritize the rooms and features that are most important to you and help you understand the cost implications of each decision you make.

“The houses are livable, without being large, and economical without seeming cramped. The use of space and attention to long views make the houses work extremely well.”

Building a Quality, Durable Home We use predominantly raw, natural materials that are carefully detailed, low maintenance, and designed to last, saving on replacement costs while creating a beautiful place to call home. The windows, cabinetry, and finishes that we use are clean, modern, and durable, with longevity in mind.

These are special places, solid and protective, yet well-connected to the [surrounding] environment.”

Understanding Site and Sustainability Issues We analyze the site surrounding your home to take advantage of the sun for passive heating/natural lighting, the wind for passive cooling, and the contours of the land to create a home in harmony with its landscape. We identify   opportunities for energy efficiency, framed views, and outdoor living spaces   to make seamless transitions between your home and the   environment.

“It is filled with sun, integrated into its environment, and naturally provides comfortable living all year round.”

Creating a Meaningful Home for Your Family We strive to translate your family’s spirit into built form, maintaining a unified, poetic concept  for your home.

“While peaceful and cozy, the living areas and adjoining outside areas are great for entertaining larger groups. It’s truly a place for family and friends. Welcoming, open, sitting lightly on the earth, close to nature, peaceful, serene, comfortable, beautiful views, good flow, playful, … magical!”