1 Oxide Architecture Mission

Oxide combines architecture and building methods that are sensitive to societal and environmental well-being while attending to the dreams and needs of each client. As architect-builder we blend the modern and the sensuous to create sustainable homes that invite people to enjoy and discover delight and vitality in the honest expression of material, form, and place.

The following downloads include glimpses of our process:

1 Oxide Architecture Mission

2 Architect-Built Home Value

3 Architect-Built Home Cost

4 Working with an Architect

5 Design-Build Methodology

6 Building Information Modeling (BIM))

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1 Oxide Architecture Mission

Oxide Architecture Mission - Modern

We architect-build sensuous, sustainable, and modern places.

Oxide Architecture Mission - Well-crafted

We work with craftsmen for an artful process and product.

Oxide Architecture Mission - Honest

We trust in the honest expression of material and place.

Oxide Architecture Mission - Inspired

We are inspired by how you live in places we create together.

Oxide Architecture Mission - Organic

We believe in the delight of discovering natural surroundings.