Ellington Beach Houses

A Sense of Whimsy

“These are special places, solid and protective, yet well-connected to the seaside environment. Comfortable inside and outside living is most important. Both houses are sheltering and celebratory and are situated on the site with care, taking full advantage of the sound view, as well as protecting the privacy of each other. Construction is ship-like with the use of pine interiors throughout. Our playfulness and sense of whimsy is captured by features like the tower, inside and outside balconies, decks and porches, and a secret closet.”

“Climbing the winding stair to the top of the tower always reminds (us) of climbing the stairs of an old lighthouse. The houses also offer a retreat, combined with special spaces like the loft, study area, screened porches and a fireplace for cool winter days and nights. We agree that we feel more at home here than in our Raleigh house we’ve lived in for 30 years!” Bill & Meta Ellington, Ellington Beach Houses