Stewart Condo - Living Room

Sacred Domestic Space

A sensual modern home tells a story about the people who live inside. When a home reflects the true nature of its occupants, it becomes imbued with meaning. A sensual modern home is designed with a concisely worded concept to communicate ideas at the highest level of clarity.

Subtle design features –  the way light hits a wall at a certain time of day, the texture of a stair hand rail, the precise curve of a faucet, – accumulate to express the spirit of a home’s occupants in its finest grain detail

The sensual modern house welcomes eccentricities, designs for them, and incorporates them into the overall design of the home.

Richardson Residence

Architectural Hieroglyphs

Floor plans at their essence are hieroglyphs – a few blunt strokes that appear cut or carved from raw slabs of clay or stone. As plan (or parti) takes on mass, the resulting solids and voids; sculpt light and shadow, foster movement and enclosure, and guide proportion and detail. The hieroglyph reflects and inspires the unity of the architecture and your experience as inhabitant. As ruin, the hieroglyph evokes beauty beyond the life of the house.


“…do but design with the owl’s eyes first, and you will gain the falcon’s afterwards.”  > John Ruskin, The Seven Lamps of Architecture, 1880