Entries by Charles Holden

Sacred Domestic Space

A sensual modern home tells a story about the people who live inside. When a home reflects the true nature of its occupants, it becomes imbued with meaning. A sensual modern home is designed with a concisely worded concept to communicate ideas at the highest level of clarity. Subtle design features –  the way light […]

Architectural Hieroglyphs

Floor plans at their essence are hieroglyphs – a few blunt strokes that appear cut or carved from raw slabs of clay or stone. As plan (or parti) takes on mass, the resulting solids and voids; sculpt light and shadow, foster movement and enclosure, and guide proportion and detail. The hieroglyph reflects and inspires the […]

Barefoot Press 

Barefoot Press opened in the back room of a bookstore that also produced hand-made paper — with Rich Kilby as the only employee. He began with a 1960’s model AB Dick 360 single-color offset press and a WWII vintage hand-operated paper cutter. Initially, we served the needs of the Raleigh area’s lively independent magazine and music […]


Fluhrer Reed is a structural engineering firm offering comprehensive structural engineering for commercial and residential spaces. Located in downtown Raleigh, NC, we make our home in the Pilot Mill warehouse – a distinctive, century-old industrial building converted into modern office lofts. The principals of Fluhrer Reed are Mitchell Fluhrer and Banning Reed, who met in […]

J. West Productions 

Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, since 1988.  James West has several years of experience in an architectural firm with a fine arts background in painting and sculpture.  An inspiring assistantship with a leading Chicago, Illinois, architectural photography studio in 1997 led to the founding of JWest productions in 1998. http://www.jwestproductions.com/  

Kaydos-Daniels Engineers 

Kaydos-Daniels Engineers considers each client and project to be unique with its own requirements and goals.  It is our mission to identify and comprehensively satisfy those requirements and goals. http://www.kaydos-daniels.com/  

LightTech Design 

Our mission is to enhance architecture through outstanding lighting design, to improve the quality of life of those who experience our designs and to present creative ways to help our clients realize their visions.  Lighting design is a creative extension of architecture by manipulating illumination to improving visibility and complementing form, shape and color. The […]

Christopher E. McClure, AIA CCS 

Christopher E. McClure, AIA, is a licensed architectural firm based in Raleigh, NC. With over 37 years of industry experience in a variety of project types and in all phases of construction and design, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our clients.  We provide a variety of professional services including construction contract […]